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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2012 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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years, but you have to be elected every year. >> there is a chance that we could -- >> if we have a really bad president, and he does not automatically get three years. a term as one year. >> this allows you to renew to vote for that same person for three years consecutively, where that was not the case. as it stands, you cannot do that. >> right. if it is a bad share, we vote them out. somebody else takes it. that is the power of the vote in democracy, right? >> i have a motion and a second. further discussion? commissioner tan? commissioner tan: i don't know. >> i don't think that is an option. commissioner tan: no.
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commissioner lee: aye. president newlin: aye. commissioner hyde: no. >> that does not pass. >> i would like to move to extend the term limit to three years, but i am happy to revisit this notion of what should we have it be, kind of not from the same industry, i just need more time to think about it. i'm happy to move that forward. with the idea that we can hopefully revisited. >> when? when revisit it? >> next meeting? >> you want oa -- a bylaws chane has to be posted for how long? >> we posted a 10 days in advance for this meeting tonight. to have an additional change
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would require another 10-day notice. i don't know. you can clarify, commissioner joseph, if you wanted to have this discussion sooner. commissioner joseph: i feel we are making a change to the bylaws, we should discuss it now. it is on the agenda now. talk about it now. if we're going to move to vote on it in the next meeting, if we don't like it, we will do it at the next meeting, it makes us look a little silly. >> i would also like to move it tonight. if we have not reached a decision, i would like to hear what commissioner perez as to say. >> i'm ok with that. >> is there a new motion on the floor? including a continuance?
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>> sure. i move to continue until the next meeting. >> second. >> all right. commissioner tan: yes. commissioner lee: ok. commissioner joseph: aye. commissioner hyde: aye. president newlin: aye. >> all right. any public comment on that? i hope not. [laughter] ok. >> hi. you think this will be easy? when the planning department went through the president, but presidency, they elected someone who was just appointed to be vice president. i'm not saying they made a bad choice. what i would say is this. i think whoever is nominated for president should serve at least one year on the board so they have some seasoning. that way -- i see new
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commissioners when they come in. they're good people, but there is a learning curve to this. i would say that whoever wants to be president, they have to least serve one-year on the board because -- before they're eligible for that position. that is all. >> thank you. all right. item number six. hearing and possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission. we do have the consent calendar. that involves two items. 1865 post street. limited live performance. another limited live performance at cava 22. is anyone in the audience objecting to those two permits? it is usually our procedure to just approve them with the call of the chair. we allow people that are here in
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support of that to come forward and speak. we would like to know ahead of time if there's anybody objecting. c. non -- seeing none -- >> i want to interject because miss it -- mission station has specific recommendations. >> let's take them individually. item a. jim cheng dba pa'ina. >> it is a restaurant underneath the kabuki theater. they're going to need to do a conditional use process. in the interim, while pending, there would like a limited live performance permit. sfpd no. station let us know the venue received several one-time event permits, almost on a weekly
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basis, for a couple of months, and there have been no incidents of complaints. that is it. >> all right. are there people representing who want to introduce yourself? >> good evening. my name is james cheng. i have always been a small businessmen in san francisco. we put together this place. our hope is to create jobs in san francisco. also, our place is for everybody. they always hold meetings there. also, we always have performers. this all-purpose is for everybody. we have got a show coming up.
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that is the whole purpose. pa'ina means gathering. get together. anybody can use our place. it is a beautiful place. thank you. >> thank you. commissioner joseph: do you understand that this would only give you until 10:00 at night? >> yes. >> any other questions? any public comment? welcome. >> good evening. my name is their role. i am the president for non- profit. pa'ina means coming together. it has been a great place for the hawaiian community to showcase the best of hawaiian
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entertainment. it is on a very limited basis. we look forward to when we can showcase major talent. entertainment and food is very important. the other thing i want to say is that the relationship between our chamber members and individuals has been excellent. ohana means family. pa'ina is part of that. going forward, as you mentioned, this is a good way to use the great resources. also, continued to promote the spirit. you have heard a lot of good things here. thank you. >> thank you. anybody else? ok. any other comments? we have a motion. >> i moved to approve. >> second. commissioner hyde: aye.
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commissioner joseph: aye. commissioner lee: aye. commissioner tan: aye. president newlin: aye. >> good luck. thank you for coming in. item b. samuel valle dba cava 22. >> the venue is a small mexican restaurant in the mission. the permit would allow them to have happy hour, marriott chief -- mariachi. sfpd mission station proposed six additional conditions. many of them are standard. one, the applicant will be responsible for complying with article 29. two, sound complaints are received and delivered to the
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san francisco police department and the applicant will agree to turn down the sound to a level that is a sexual -- that is acceptable. . the applicant is responsible for maintaining sufficient staff and making sure they're safe and orderly events. sfpd requests a minimum of one car-guarded door security person during scheduled performances. condition four is complying with the alcohol conditions attached to the establishment. no one under 21 shall be allowed on the premises during times when food is not being served. condition five, limiting the hours of live performance. 10:00 p.m. for the first year, and the applicant can petition
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until 11:00 after that. condition six, no dj entertainment will be allowed as consistent with the limited live performance permit authority. >> ok. who do we want to hear from? the applicant? the police? >> the applicant is here? >> i guess the applicant would be appropriate at this time. welcome. >> i just wanted to tell you that it is a restaurant with beer and alcohol. mariachi. now, it is only fridays and saturdays. a lot of people ask for the mariachi.
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thanks a lot. >> are you familiar with the request by the police department to condition your license? are you ok with those? you are. ok. any other questions? mr. valle. >> mariachi, i have had it at my club a few times. last night on friday night. they like to go outside and do the line. the permit is for the inside. >> they will be inside. >> all right. thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> hear from the esteemed permit officer. >> good evening, commissioners. i'm the permit officer for mission statement -- station. with regard to cava 22, i wanted
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to reiterate that our primary coern is that this venue continue to be operated as a bonafide food establishment. that is what its licenses for. that is what it is. we have a history that is consistent as far as police activity with this particular venue and the area being more of a bar establishment. that is why i reiterated the conditions. i want them to be aware that they can have miners in the establishment, but i want to reiterate that if they are not serving food, this is not a venue for minors. it's actually a tequila lounge. that is what the sign says on the outside of the building. that is our only concern.
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that is why we support the permit with the conditional grant. >> ok. have you met with the applicant? do you have good interaction? >> i stopped by the venue. i have not met with the owner formally. if there's any concerns about these conditions, i certainly would speak with them and we can work it out. >> ok. all right. mr. valle is the man. you have to make him happy. then you make us happy. all right. no problemo. is there anyone from the community that would like to address this application? ok. we will look for a motion. >> i move to approve with pulleys conditions -- police conditions 1, 2, 3, striking 4, we have no authority to enforce
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abc law, 5 we can leave in, but limited live ends at 10:00 p.m., and we can leave 6 in, but limited live excludes dj's. >> ok. of course, the issue of compliance with abc is the responsibility of the applicant. this would be redundant year. ok -- here. ok. we have that very stellar motion. do we have a second? >> i will second that. >> same house, call? >> sure. >> yes. >> thank you and good luck. switching to the regular agenda. item c. chris smith dba monarch, 101 6th
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street. extended hours permit application. >> i cannot find the pollees conditions. -- police conditions. >> i will start off. you are -- most of you -- you may not all be familiar with monarch. we asked for a permit last fall. they are at an address that requires conditional use authorization for an extended hours premises permit. all of this time, that is what they have been up to. they have been before the planning department. last month, planning did approve
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the conditional use authorization for after-hours. it is before you tonight to decide whether you want to add additional conditions and to decide the hours of extended operation past 2:00 a.m. the building is at 6th and mission. as you know, the conditional use process is much more extensive in terms of outreach. there were at least 10 letters of support from the neighborhood. the applicant had a least two community meetings with anyone who objected or had concerns about their after-hours
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operation. my understanding is those community meetings were sufficient to explain to the neighbors what they were concerned about. the applicant and the planning department and the neighbors reached an agreement where they will operate the extended hours for only four days a week, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, for nine months from the first date beginning the after- hours operation. after that, they will be able to seek seven full days of after- hours operation with the permission of the zoning administrator at the planning department. in addition to that, the entertainment commission has granted extended hours event permits on a one-time basis at least four occasions. on those occasions, there were no complaints.
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now, i will turn it over to the applicant. >> i am not sure what is left to say. that is the full rundown. i can give you the full presentation if you like, or we can just cut to the issue at hand for the sake of time. we did do these meetings with the community. we arrived at a compromise. there were concerns about noise. we arrived at a compromise where we would do extended hours thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, which is fine for us. after nine months, the zoning administrator can decide if we wish to extend that or reduce it. that is where we are at today. we had a conversation with sfpd today. it is the first time we have been able to talk to them in
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this process. they are requesting that we only have two days a week. it does not really work for us. i think we have reached an understanding that we will have are four days a week rights, and if we will do after hours on thursday or sunday, we will let them know in advance of those days. i don't know of that would be a part of this. >> all right. >> does that make any sense? >> no problem. >> i have a really bad cold. >> two commissioners have any questions for the applicant? if not, we will hear from the police. all right. maybe we can ask the police. welcome. >> good evening, commissioners. i am the acting captain of
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southern police station. i want to thank chris and commend him for being involved in our community. chris is a part of our citizen advisory board, southern station. i think he has the best interest of our district in his heart. the concerns i have at southern station, our staffing as a department is dwindling. it will not get better for least another year. 1970, and we will go down to about 1650 in about a year from now. weekends are the highest activity, calls for service, special events, we have ball games, we have a lot of other
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details happening in the city where we get our personal requested to be moved over and detailed. that was really my biggest concern. thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday evenings, we are already pressed. the area where monarchs is located is one of the highest crime rates in san francisco. historically, it has been. it is a challenge to be able to keep tabs on everything that happens there. especially when you are having staffing issues like when officers are at other places. we are not able to do a lot of proactive patrol when the details come up. they come up often. one of the things we discussed that would really help is,
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chris's security plan, which are reviewed, looks really good. he has a decent amount of security officers that will be present when his bar is open. the after-hours causes a problem. going until 4:00 in the morning, a lot of the patrons that visit there will be parking. there is no parking right at 6th and mission street. a considerable distance away, there is some parking. traveling to those parking areas is going to be a little dicey at 4:00 in the morning. in his plan, he describes how he would escort some patrons to their cars.
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that is leaving the security to be unavailable inside and outside. what we talked about was possibly having some additional escorts, not necessarily officers, but escorts that can walk people to their car. that could be identifiable in some type of communication with security come if there was a problem. i think that is something chris might be able to do. he has improved the lighting. the building is night and day to what it used to look like. we would ask that -- we understand there's a decent video system. that the lighting be kept at a level that provided pretty much the maximum lighting that you can put short of disturbing any
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of the residents that live across the street, and also that would enhance the video so it would be useful. having a good video system, if it is too dark to be useful, but i understand it is a good system. i would ask that the lighting be maintained at a level that was bright as it can go until it becomes a problem for residents. i think chris has agreed to do that. and believe -- in the last six months, chris has asked for a one-night after-hours, and on a yearly basis, that would be eight times. i think currently what is proposed is going from eight up to 208. it is hard to judge what that will do to our district.
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having only eight -- having only four in a six-month time frame does not give us examples size. if he were to have late-night after-hours four nights a week, like it is proposed, having 208 days, versus just the ratio of eight right now, it might be a little tough. is there may be something we could work out in the middle that would give us at least some time to see whether this was going to be a big impact on calls for service. i think the security plan is good. it is really the introduction of a lot more potential victims of this really tough area. i know in my district right now, i am looking at the last reporting period, 222 auto
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burglaries in my district. if people are staying until 4:00 that was really my concern. that was the other thing, too. i was the lieutenant for the station investigation team. a lot of the cases are based on a video. his video system might retain the video for 15 days -- [inaudible] i think his planned talks about a 15. if there is a way that could be extended. >> we can find out. >> if that is possible. [inaudible]
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two a week would bring its up to 104 days a year from the current eight. that is what we were thinking. we should know after having 104 days to gauge whether that is causing adverse conditions for our staff. if you were going to allow more than that, giving us more notice -- >> i think he indicated he would give notice. all right. thank you, steve.
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questions? >> capt., basically, you are worried about the patrons? people walking to their cars by themselves? they have to call your staff to assess. -- assessed. if they increase the number, an escort or a person who is out -- a sign to the outside to what these people to their cars. is that something, you know, that makes it more manageable? i will use an example, these guys are selling $5 and hamburgers and they have to the security guards. the applicant was willing to do that.